Diana Gimenez-Ibanez

Dr Diana Gimenez-Ibanez is a postdoctoral research associate working with Andy Wilson and Megan Wright on the development of new tools to understand and influence protein-protein interactions involving intrinsically disordered regions.

Before joining the team in 2021, Diana was a BBSRC research associate at Durham University in Prof. Steven L. Cobb’s group, focussed on the development of fluorinated analogues of Fengycin A with enhanced bio-stability for application as ex-vivo antifungals. Prior to this, Diana completed her PhD in 2019 at Durham University funded through the Marie Curie ITN Fluor21 network, where she investigated new routes for the conformational control of peptoids by means of fluorine and fluorine induced dipolar interactions.

James Holder

Dr James Holder’s research focuses on understanding how post-translational protein modifications are used to facilitate both local and global changes within the cell, particularly within the cell cycle. In 2019, James completed a Wellcome Trust funded PhD under the supervision of Professor Francis Barr. This work centered on establishing how the rapid series of events that comprise mitosis and mitotic exit were ordered to ensure successful completion of cell division. Following this, he began a postdoctoral research position with Dr Ivan Ahel investigating the role of ADP-ribosylation in a variety of cellular contexts. In his current postdoctoral position, based at the University of Oxford with Dr Fanni Gergely, James will use a variety of cell biological and proteomic techniques to dissect the function of Aurora-A in space and time throughout the cell cycle. 

Jennifer Miles

Dr Jennifer Miles studied for a PhD with Cancer Research UK, awarded by University College London. Following this, she moved to the University of Leeds to work as a PDRA with Prof Andrew Wilson and Dr Thomas Edwards on the structural characterisation of inhibitors of Protein-Protein interactions. After this she undertook a PDRA with Prof Paul Taylor, establishing his research group at Leeds. In her most recent role, she has been undertaking structural studies for the CRUK Manchester Institute DDU with Prof Richard Bayliss, based at the University of Leeds. 

Martin Walko

Dr Martin Walko completed his PhD degree with B. L. Feringa at University of Groningen working on molecular and biomolecular switches. After some time working as independent researcher at P. J. Safarik University in Kosice (Slovakia) and a research in protein channel gating with A. Kocer at University of Groningen, he is now a research fellow at the University of Leeds. His current research in the Wilson Group focuses on development of chemical biology tools to study amyloid aggregation and protein-protein interactions.